Ashia Bomani Ojore (Fellow) is one of the last African American San Francisco natives. The four best words to describe her would be: educator, artist, activist, and mom.


As a former poet, her quest to eloquently recreate the African American experience on the page led her to her studies at the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College.

While studying the art of nonfiction writing, she was privileged to work closely with Pulitzer Prize-winning, Vijay Seshadri, and the well-anthologized, JoAnn Beard.


Her advisor, Jerry Arbirelli, founder of Columbia University’s Oral History Department, saw her potential as an oral historian and led her to where she is today. Devoted to telling the small story that illuminates grander social issues, Ashia is honored to be an AFRE Fellow- allowing her to share her community’s vital experiences with education and the school system.