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One of the critical components to AFRE’s mission is to encourage the study of the impact that Restorative Education can have on learning. Multiple researchers have looked at the impact of poverty, educational level of the parents, high stakes testing and a multitude of other variants have on academic performance. Many overlook the role that historic trauma has had, and therefore fail to study potential remedies related to that trauma.


African American students fall behind White students in academic achievement even when socioeconomic class is controlled for. The different learning styles, communication styles, motivators and cultural expectations that African American students have are distinct from other groups, and thus the opportunities to help them thrive may lie in strategies that differ from those that make other students thrive.


The AFRE Flourish Fellowship will accept 1-2 academic fellows per year, who will conduct research under the guidance of academic mentors, with the intent of discovering specific, effective teaching strategies to help close the achievement gap and address the distinct learning needs of African American students. All research will be published in the AFRE academic publication and fellows will be recognized for their lasting contribution to the advancement of learning at an biennial research symposium.


AFRE’s goal to make Restorative Education sustainable and long lasting is to teach Restorative Educational practices to teachers everywhere, starting with our SILE partner schools, but also including teachers in both the private and public school arenas.


These trainings will happen in a variety of formats: from conferences and seminars, to direct coaching and online modules. Teachers will have the opportunity to share their experiences, successes and failures and participate in peer coaching and restorative circles.


Teachers may also choose to partner with an AFRE fellow to explore questions related to effective teaching and learn best practices. Opportunities may include participating in focus groups, surveys and thru brief, targeted pilot interventions in there own classrooms.


One of our core programs is the Teen Tutoring Program (TTP), a free tutor training program for

community youth.


By teaching effective tutoring techniques coupled with Restorative practice, the AFRE TTP seeks to:

  • Provide tools for youth to participate in the teaching and healing of community (Ujima)

  • Empower youth with economic and leadership opportunities with paid tutoring positions within AFRE post training.

  • Place educational reparations, dismantling institutional racism and social justice into the conversation about teaching and learning.


The tutor trainings will serve youth ages 14-18, and be taught over a 6 week period on Saturdays. Trainings will include instruction in restorative practice, social justice and identifying and proactively combating institutional racism, as well as training in effective tutoring strategies, including best practices in tutoring students of color. Trainees will complete 20 hours of intensive training and be provided with AFRE Certificates of Completion of Restorative Education Tutoring, after which they will be assisted in finding placement for a tutoring job in the community.


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