Marvin Tate (Chair) is a Certified Public Accountant in Oakland, CA. Marvin has worked with various non-profit and for-profit business in the local area for over 10 years and is a valuable community resource. He brings experience in finance, non-profit development and fiscal oversight to AFRE, as well as a working legal knowledge of business ethics and process development. Mr. Tate believes that as children are given the opportunity to thrive, they will do just that.

Tina "BathSheba" Harambe (Vice Chair) is a Healing Arts Educator with over 20 years experience in education. A native to New Orleans, LA she has been living in the Bay Area for over 20 years. She serves on the Board of East Bay Church and is a practitioner at the Centers for Spiritual Living. She has experience in a wide range of educational settings, including international travel for young students and brings particular expertise in fundraising, family engagement and wrap around services for families. Through her vast knowledge, Ms. Harambe has developed a large lens thru which to vision the framework of creating a new thought model for schools.

Angela Ball (Secretary) is the Director of Public Health Nursing for Alameda County and helps to improve the health of under-resourced community members. She brings a wealth of experience in healthcare, healthcare education and professional development, fiscal oversight and serves on review boards for the Hayward and San Lorenzo Unified School Districts. Angela holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Healthcare Education.​

Lasha Pierce MD. (Treasurer) has spent over 25 years as a community organizer and community health advocate, and has volunteered countless hours of instruction in science and health education to several independent community schools.  She has designed curricula and training guidelines for, as well as proctored and mentored community midwives, advanced practice practitioners, medical students, medical residents and hospital volunteers.  Dr. Pierce is a fellow of the African Scientific Institute.​

JayVon Muhammad (Fundraising) is the CEO of Marin City Health and Wellness Center and works to serve the healthcare needs of the local community, specifically African American families. She works tirelessly for equity in healthcare,  education and has experience with fiscal and board oversight, fundraising and community organizing.


JayVon is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for African American children and volunteers annually with the Quality of Life Road trip which takes at-risk youth on an empowering 1-month journey across the country. JayVon is a licensed midwife and Executive Director of Urban Midwifery.


Falating Nwagwu (Fundraising and School Operations) is an associate financial advisor with In Touch Financial Services. He is a community champion with a degree in International Business, with an emphasis in Finance. He is the founder of the Student Sports Alliance at Howard University, which helps aspiring sports business professionals network with professionals who have a vested career in sports business.


During his time in Washington, D.C., Falating served as a member of a nonpartisan nonprofit called IMPACT. In this organization, he served as a critical member of their fundraising efforts as well as their online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. His experience in team management and fundraising serves as a great asset to AFRE.

Tovi C. Scruggs (Governance) is a visionary and innovative educator whose career in education began over 20 years ago. Returning to public education after co-founding her own private school (ASA Academy & Community Science Center) with 100% success rates, she brings a wealth of experience, skills, and talents to give her beliefs and concepts about “best practices” to a larger scale. She is the recipient of the Marcus Forster Award by the Association of CA School Administrators and author of the book: Be a Parent Champion: A Guide to Becoming a Partner with Your Child’s School.


Now Tovi serves as California’s Regional Executive Director of Partners in School Innovation, an educational non-profit focused on improving educational outcomes in the lowest-performing schools in our nation, as well as teaches on equity and trauma-informed schools at Mills College. She is living her purpose.

Kevin White (Finance) is a rare Bay Area native with over 20 years of executive leadership experience in (I)nformation (T)echnology. He is currently the head of World Wide IT Operations at Gilead Sciences Inc. Mr. White has held positions in the Aerospace, Insurance, Healthcare, BioPharma, Staffing and Technology industries. His work experience ranges from software development to infrastructure management. He was also a CIO and Corporate Officer for a fortune 500 Corporation. He volunteered his time to work with at-risk high school students and keynoted on several occasions at Microsoft’s “Minority Students Day” event.


Kevin brings expertise in business planning, process design and strategy, project management and IT strategy to AFRE. Mr. White believes in the power of helping others and always strives to be part of the solution.

Tiana West (Marketing and School Curriculum) is a Middle School Math teacher and Co-Founder of SILE (School of Innovation, Leadership, and Efficacy). She is a graduate of Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and a graduate of Boston University where she received a Master’s in Education. Tiana is an experienced leader in education and has extensive formal training in dance and performing arts. She participated in Teach For America’s African American Corps Member Summit, where she collaborated with other teachers across the country on lesson planning, culturally responsive teaching, and psychological awareness in students.


Tiana believes in being a well-rounded student and educator and brings flexibility, respect, and dedication not only to all students whom she teaches but to AFRE as well.​